A message from Gerd: this site will no longer be updated - please visit me at www.futuristgerd.com instead

A message from Gerd: this site will no longer be updated - please visit me at www.futuristgerd.com instead

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March 03, 2011

New presentation: the future of business in a connected world (FPA Boston)

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 19.17.55 This is an edited version of my presentation given at the Financial Planning Association's Business Solutions Conference in Boston (twitter stream here). In my 45-minute talk (the audio version will be available, soon, I hope) I talked about how business is changing from being 'egosystems' i.e. centralized, empire-dominated, in-silos, in-broadcast-mode and top-down, to networked, mobile, social, decentralized and inter-connected. 

I am showing some examples of successful networked businesses and what makes them tick, plus I comment on so-called Social Media and why it goes much beyond having a facebook page or a blog. I discuss how to deal with disruption, fragmented market places and ultra-empowered 'consumers', and point towards curation, filtering and added values as the strategy for success. 

A truly networked business is the only way to prosper, going forward.  Enjoy. Share.

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Gerd, I wasn't in the audience when you spoke to the FPA but I heard from several sources that your presentation included my Website AdvisorTweets. It was such a thrill for me, given that I've followed your work for a few years. And, you evidently rocked the house (and some thinking in the house), judging from the tweets and coverage since your Thursday talk.

Have you seen the documentary Inside Job http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1645089/ about the 2008 global economic collapse? The movie documents the empire-dominated, top-down, centralized financial world that I think financial social media has the potential to redefine. You inspired this post: http://www.advisortweets.com/blog/fpa-keynote-focused-on-the-future-inside-job-was-about-the-past


Thanks Pat, great stuff, delighted you like what I did at FPA, and thanks for the cool post - I shall tweet it as well. I have seen the movie --- great stuff. Check out a movie that includes some interview snippets with me: http://www.presspauseplay.com/ --- will premiere at SXSW

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