August 09, 2007

Welcome The End of Control. Instead of publishing these essays in a traditional form (i.e., as a print product), I have decided to try something new and offer The End of Control online, for free, with a new chapter released every week. I may ultimately still offer a “real” printed version, but for now, this is my next book — just subscribe to the RSS feed and get my latest “chapter” as soon as I publish it. Or listen to the podcasts or watch the videos (coming soon). Some smart people have already coined the term for this: “blook,” an amalgamation of blog and book. Wikipedia has formalized this term; the UK Guardian has a good read on it, too: “Blooks are the new books — a hybrid literary form at the cutting edge of both literature and technology.” That is exactly how I feel, so now I am a Blooker, I guess? So why am I doing this? Although my first book, The Future of Music (co-written with Berklee College’s Dave Kusek), was quite successful and is still selling well (with translations into German, Italian, and Japanese), I have come to realize that the benefits of publishing a book in the traditional way are not as important to me as the benefits of publishing my work in a much faster, interactive, non-linear, and multimedia form. While I have to admit that I still love “real” books (and actually buy lots of them), I also love RSS feeds, email, Google Reader, iGoogle, and Netvibes. And I love my iPhone and my Motion Tablet PC. And still, there is nothing better than staying in bed and reading a nice book, so maybe one of these days you’ll be able to get a printed copy of The End of Control as well....

Gerd Leonhard

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