August 03, 2007

Illegal music downloads hit record high - Telegraph A good read from the UK Telegraph. Link: Illegal music downloads hit record high - Telegraph. Some of my favorites: "Four out of every ten social network users have music embedded in their personal profiles, rising to 65pc among teenagers. Russell Hart, chief executive of Entertainment Media Research, described this phenomenon as "the democratisation of the music industry... "Social networks are fundamentally changing the way we discover, purchase and use music," he said. "The dynamics of democratisation, word of mouth recommendation and instant purchase challenge the established order and offer huge opportunities to forward-thinking businesses." My comment: You can say that again! Yet, I don't see a concerted move from the labels to just offer a default license for the use of streamed tracks on these networks, in exchange for a share of revenues. This sounds like a great job for the PPL, or Soundexchange - but once again, the only thing you hear from them is that they don't have the mandate for this, and on and on and on. My prediction: on-demand streaming of each and every song will be offered, licensed or not (more likely, NOT, since there are already 50+ apps that do this without a license!), on all of these networks (and there are already approx. 750 of them, estimated to grow to over 5000 within 12 months), and if the labels think they can just deny this license by their usual 'permission not granted' approach, in order to extract larger sums of $ out of the market, they will just put another nail in their coffin. Because today, non-participation means that everyone just routes around you! "There has been a significant increase in the preparedness to download illegal music by teenagers and people in their 20s," he added..With margins on CDs declining while the...

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