August 09, 2007

About Gerd Leonhard Greetings, and welcome to the End Of Control. I am a Music & Media Futurist, Blogger, Writer, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Presenter and Musician. You can watch some of my Futurist videos and presentations here. If you'd like to see what I look like, check out my MediaFuturist's photo site, use that good old Google Image search or check out my new videos on Future Talks. My LinkedIn profile and endorsements are here, and my Facebook profile is here. Follow me on Twitter: gleonhard or DailyWisdoms I live in Basel, Switzerland... and aboard a good many airplanes. I focus on these industries and sectors: Recorded Music & Music Publishing Radio & Broadcasting Telecom & Wireless Social Networking & Web2.0 Social Media and User Generated Content Online Gaming & Virtual Worlds Film / TV / Video Print / News / Journalism Advertising & Branding Public Relations & Communications Education & Training Cultural Policy My main theme is the creation of "Media2.0" business models and strategies. You can read all about this ongoing effort at my MediaFuturist blog, or just subscribe to the MediaFuturist RSS feed here. Some 40+ PDFs with my past presentations on "The Future of Media" can be download via my blog or my GerdPresents site. This is a video from Future Talks that was just released via Media Conversations Here is a short bio (a longer version is here): A native of Bonn, Germany, now residing in Basel, Switzerland, Gerd Leonhard has spent over 25 years in the technology and entertainment industries, in the U.S., Europe, and recently, Asia. In 2005, Gerd co-authored the critically acclaimed book The Future of Music, which has become a must-read for music industry professionals around the globe, and which is now available in German, Italian, and Japanese. Gerd's second book, The...
About "The End of Control" My new book, and this blog, is about the most important issue the media business is facing as it tries to move forward: control. Try Googling for a definition of “control” and you will find many interesting morsels, such as: control = power to direct or determine; “under control.” Control is the power to determine - for the purpose of this blook, that will make a very suitable definition. In my work as speaker and advisor, the tough issue of control emerges, again and again, as the key contention point within TV companies, publishers, record labels, and broadcasters: How can a commercial venture that is based on so-called “intellectual property” thrive and prosper in an environment that seems to continuously and progressively remove control from the creators/owners/providers of content, and hands it over to the people formerly known as consumers (aka the users), effectively making them more powerful every single day? But the reality is that every click inadvertently makes another case for the consumer’s ever-increasing rise in importance. Within all the conversations I have had about things like commercial content versus shared content, about the read-only or the read-write web, and about copyright versus Fair Use, the crucial question always seems to boil down to WHERE IS THE CONTROL HERE, i.e., questions such as “Who will control this new media universe” and “How much control do I need to run a revenue-generating business?” Ever more devices, ever faster broadband, more channels, more platforms, faster processors, endless storage, better search — and still, we have only 24 hours in a day. The real barrier is attention! For many content creators or providers, it may often seem that one’s power to monetize stands to be inadvertently diminished every time some geek in some garage publishes a new piece of code. Today,...

Gerd Leonhard

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