May 26, 2008

Gerd's May 2008 Newsletter: special Music2.0 book discount now extended to my blog readers (buy before June 1 !) Here is my newsletter for May 2008. If you are so inclined you can subscribe here. First and foremost I am delighted to be able to offer all of my loyal blog readers the printed i.e. dead-tree version of my new book, Music2.0 at a seriously reduced price of 24.95 Euros (rather than 39.95). This offer expires on June 1, 2008; so be sure to go to this special offer page to order your copy before that date. If you prefer to order via it's now available there, as well (but without the discount). Check out the book's google juice here The German daily newspaper "Die Zeit" has just published a very good interview with me, on the subject of the music flat rate and the future of Music & Media (yes, sorry, this is in German language). The accompanying video is also quite interesting - featuring me pontificating in a vinyl record store in Hamburg;) I have recently started a new series of essays called Stories on the Future (extending my usual blogging activities at my Media Futurist site) and the first 2 essays are now available: #1 is on "Blogs will become the new Record Labels" and #2 is on The Future of Telcos - Content & Service Pipes. All Future Stories are be offered in PDF format, too, and can be freely shared as you see fit. I have decided to resume blogging at my book/blog EndOfControl site; all posts there will be strictly about how in this new media economy Control over the user (and the content) is being substituted with Trust and Openness, everywhere, and what the challenges of this huge paradigm shift are. If you have missed the first 6 essays I published on this subject last year you can still download them...

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