May 30, 2008

Telcos vs Content Industries: good read via TelecomTV I just read this column on It nicely outlines the recent proposals of various industry organizations to put more pressure on telcos and ISPs to police their networks and curtail so-called digital piracy. My Highlights and comments: "Whatever the recipe, the thrust is the same: that one industry (ISPs and telcos) be made to expensively enforce the unsupportable business model of another by chasing down its own customers! It's absurd, but if the recent past is anything to go by the real pirates in this long-running piece of Kafkaesque content (available free) will get away with it and will see their oppressive and, ultimately self-defeating, proposals become law.." Comment: there is no chance this will become law. The EU Commission has already expressed disdain for such a development. Here is my comment on what I think of a policed internet (as was proposed by Paul McGuiness, Manager of U2, at Midem 2008). And here is something really scary: Under the 'three strikes' rule (a strangely Anglo-Saxon nomenclature given the sensitivities) offenders get email warnings and then get their accounts closed. Meanwhile (in return) entertainment companies will end annoying copyright protection on French material so that music and video bought online can be played on any device (if the new regs work there would be less need for the DRM protection). Now the French think they're going to export this outrageous imposition. According to Sarkozy: "Everywhere in the United States, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, professionals and governments have tried for years to find the 'grail' to fight the problem of Internet piracy. We are the first, in France, to form a big national alliance around concrete and effective proposals." M. Olivennes has already been off promoting his legislation in Canada and claims to have had a good response...."...

Gerd Leonhard

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