June 26, 2008

My email newsletter is being discontinued - 100% PULL from now on Call it connecting, befriending, following, subscribing, feeding - I have decided to switch from my good old email newsletter (which has 1000s of people on it but is of course based on a 'Push' approach) to the concept of 100% PULL (yes... practice what you preach, I guess). The bottom line is that email as a tool of effective collaboration and communication is no longer really a good option - too much gets lost in spam filters, and everybody gets way too many mails already. Feeds, Following or Friending beats email, hands-down. This means there will be no more email newsletters from me (unless you sign up for the Feedburner email service, see below, or if it's done through one of the social networks). So: if you were a newsletter subscriber and want to stay connected, some simple action is required. Please select from any or all of these options: Most importantly: be sure to subscribe to my Media Futurist blog's RSS feed here (if - omg - you don't use a RSS Reader yet I strongly suggest you get into that, anyway. At this time I would recommend you start with the Google Reader) If you are still hooked on email, my RSS above feed also offers an email option but you can also subscribe to my blog posts via email directly, below Connect with me on Facebook (but be sure to mention what exactly our connection is) If we know each other personally, connect with me on LinkedIn (sorry, I only accept face-to-face, real-life-embodied connections here; please be sure to refresh my memory if that's the case and when you request the add - thanks!) Follow me on Twitter: general tweets and / or dailywisdom tweets (see more details here) Myspace (note: just starting again, here, so for...

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