September 12, 2008

TelecomTV: Blogwatch: Is Telecom Cool? Plus: Ambient Awareness A good read is at: TelecomTV - TelecomTV One - News - from ambient awareness to the economics of the cloud; how the web gurus are trying to make telecoms cool. My suggested highlights: "Free (France): 30 euro a month buys you 28mbit/s DSL (design their own DSL modems), free calling in France and to fixed numbers in 50+ countries, IP-TV, HD-TV, recorder, TV-Perso + native IPv6 (thanks Jap), etc. It has redefined the French broadband market by teaching marketeers that its not about new services that generate new revenues, but that it's about delivering more for the same money..." via Internet Thought And then there is Ambient Awareness - another fancy name for the river of information that's now pouring down on us every single waking minute. But still - it's a nice tag line (I should have thought of this myself;), and certainly a trend to investigate Read the Digital Intimacy column in the NYT. Techdirt adds: "It's not so much about telling everyone everything you're doing, or knowing everything that everyone is doing, but it does give you an amazing ambient view into what's going on in the lives of whoever you follow, and in an odd way makes you feel much more connected to them than you might otherwise" On Apple: "Apple proposes, in their latest patent application, that future multi-touch technologies will integrate almost all foreseeable input modalities to complement touch-based multi-touch. Mechanical manipulations could be assigned to touch-based commands, while voice commands are relegated to functions that require choosing an option from a list. Futhermore, Apple envisions future multi-touch setups incorporating finger-recognition that would allow the user to assign different functions to each finger - which would allow for more complex commands to be issued. Gaze-vector tracking could allow your future laptop or mobile...

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