October 10, 2008

Music 2.0 & The Future of Music - my presentation for the Copyright Organization of Trinidad & Tobago (Port of Spain, October 9. 2009) I spoke at a great event here in Port of Spain, Trinidad today, organized by COTT and supported by the T&T Entertainment Company. Everyone was very open and interested - great crowd, great questions, great debates. Here is the PDF 3.2MB 50+ pages: Music_2.0 Gerd Leonhard Trinidad COTT Public.pdf "One of the most prominent voices in the digital music sector, media futurist, Mr. Gerd Leonhard will be the feature speaker at the Copyright Music Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) in association with the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company Limited Creative Minds Workshop on October 9. The workshop entitled “Music2.0: The next generation and the Music Industry” is geared to address the change that is impacting the music industry universally. Changes which are as a result of the dramatic rise in the use of the Internet and other digital technologies to produce, market, distribute and access music and musical products. For those in the Music Industry, the declining sales of CDs is an example of the stark reality and repercussions of new technologies on the music industry. A lot of today’s music can be attained online at no cost. This leaves us with the question of which new models will make sure that the creator and their representatives get paid for their work" Leonhard is prepared to impart his knowledge and experience to those in attendance by focusing on a number of issues ranging from exclusive rights of authors in the new generation, revenue creation, ownership protection and using new technologies to expand economic outcomes and reach global audiences. The topics being covered will be handled by Leonhard from the position of a developing country such as Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Leonhard is also anxious to experience the diverse and rich musical landacape of Trinidad and Tobago. He has a...

Gerd Leonhard

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