October 16, 2008

The Widgetization of Media: PDF with my presentation at MIPCOM, Cannes / France Oct 16 2008 I was invited by MIPCOM to present my thoughts on the use of widgets in the content industries and the so-called "Widgetization of Media" and to put together and moderate a panel discussion with 3 great speakers (Oliver Creiche of Six Apart, Tom Smith of Universal-McCann, and Neil Perkin of IPC Media - 3 very smart and clued-in people, indeed - be sure to read Tom's UMWW reports, for sure, here), in sunny+windy+chi-chi Cannes, today. More information on this event is here on the MIP blog (and I think there will be videos here, soon, as well). In a nutshell: If you are already into widgets on your computer & mobile devices (such as the iPhone Apps, or Nokia's Widsets) very soon you will be able to chose from 1000s of widgets that will be available on your super-sized TV screen in your living room. Imagine: stock tickers, twitter tweets, RSS feeds, music widgets, social network messages, video streams, contvertising ;) Now what will that do to the TV industry? Talking about competing for attention. And ad $$. We are indeed heading into the Attention, Conversation and Participation Economy at mindboggling speed. Anyway, I promised to put up the PDF with the presentation so... here it is Widgetization_of_media_gerd_leonhard_at_mipcom_2008.pdf (low-res 1 MB) Widgetization_of_media_gerd_leonhard_at_mipcom_2008_high_res.pdf (23 MB) The Widgetization Of Media by Futurist Gerd Leonhard (MIPCOM 2008) View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: syndication media futurist)

Gerd Leonhard

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