November 22, 2008

An easy way to subscribe to my life/thought/idea - stream Friendfeed is a great place to aggregate all social media services that I use or subscribe to. Now they offer an RSS feed straight from my Friendfeed page, and you can subscribe to it here. This way you can get all of my bookmarks, tweets (twitterpost), Facebook updates, blogposts etc etc, all in one go! You can also see my latest entries on my lifestream page on this blog (see icons above) but the RSS feed may make it easier. Update: here is my Friendfeed realtime 'river' <a href=""><img alt="View my FriendFeed" style="border:0;" src=""/></a> For those of you that are still hooked on email you can also get an email update via Feedburner Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Related articles by Zemanta Using Friendfeed as a business tool - Enterprise 2.0 (via eMail is for old people (and that includes me I guess) - the end of eMail as a social tool? Future trends in business communications: Phone stops ringing, eMail slows down, Social Nets & Media explode The Media Futurist Lulu Experiment: new book & pdf with 'Best of 2008' essays and blog posts available now The Widgetization of Media: PDF with my presentation at MIPCOM, Cannes / France Oct 16 2008

Gerd Leonhard

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