November 01, 2008

Strike.TV: a good example for changing only if and when the pain gets big enough? Peter Hyoguchi, the CEO of Strike.TV has posted an interesting write-up on AlwaysOn, here. The idea behind Strike.TV is to give the troubled screenwriters and their colleagues a place i.e. website where they can produce and show i.e. stream their own original shows. To quote Peter: "In total, Strike.TV has forty new web series created by the writers of The Office, The Daily Show, Die Hard, Child’s Play, Robot Chicken, Malcolm in the Middle, The Black Stallion, Star Trek, Top Gun, ...many, many more. To date, this is the largest collection of original Hollywood produced content ever created for an Internet audience". I checked this out a bit, and some stats on are here - obviously this is still very early - but I shall be watching! In any case, Peter's story made me think on another level: do we only really get going when the big is big enough? When the screenwriters went on strike did the pain-level finally increase sufficiently to actually allow or shall we say force people to make some of those changes we have been talking about since the rise of the Net and the Netscape IPO, to do things differently, and on their own. Would Strike.TV have happened if it hadn't been for the strike that fueled it, and all the pain that went with it? What does this tell us about Change - looks like disruption, and to some degree destruction, needs to happen before we are ready to make real changes. The pain pushes until the vision pulls - as Michael Beckwith says? If so I guess some of us could argue that right now a lot of change is gearing up, since there is a lot of pain around, given the current economic circumstances. Will this force us to...

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