November 17, 2008

5 steps to finding another way forward: getting on the right track to the Future of the Music Business Cross posted from the MidemNet blog, Nov 6, 2008 I really enjoyed Ted Cohen's MidemNetblog post from last week as it quite succinctly pointed out the urgency to act now, and to implement real changes in the way the music industry works. I feel strongly that there may very well not be too many gatherings like MIDEM in the very near future if we don't embrace CHANGE much quicker than we have been. I wrote on the SAG's strike and a project called Strike.TV on my Mediafuturist blog yesterday, highlighting the fact that the rule seems to be that we don't change unless the PAIN gets big enough. Well, it seems to me that we are there, right now, so here are 5 things that I believe would help us get there: Truly collaborate to arrive at sweeping and effective solutions: the music industry has been notorious for in-fighting, wide-spread distrust, clubbiness and ludicrously fragmented business procedures and licensing rules. We need an industry-wide innovation initiative that looks at new business models from a global joint perspective of labels and publishers, artists and managers, agents and promoters, startups and societies. We need to rethink our traditional business rules and put the cards on the table - or that very table will start to burn down while we're sitting at it. Watch and listen to the kids i.e. the digital natives, and then offer business models that will serve them in the way they want to be served, not as we would prefer them to be served. This is seriously ingrained problem in the music industry: all too often, we are assuming the 'consumer' aka user to be different than they really are, and / or we are thinking of them to act like we do. This is a deadly mistake,...

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