November 29, 2008

The Future of Mobile: Search more, talk less? Ever since I got more friendly with my numerous mobile gadgets (the iPhone and iPod touch, the Nokia E71, the Asus ee and various other gizmos) I have noticed a steady decline in how many actual calls I make; apart from friends & family my professional communications have switched almost entirely to SMS, social networks, eMail, IM, Twitter, Skype etc - at least for the initial level of communication. Now, is this just me, or is this happening everywhere? Once smart phones are actually smart (and that means smart UI and UX), will we search and click a lot more than click + talk? Some recent stats I have seen show that iPhone users already use Google 50 times as much as mobile internet users with different devices. Once again: if something really works well... we actually use it routinely (just like GPS / car navigation I guess), if not we just ignore it. So will someone that can use Google Maps on their mobile phone still call your office for directions? If you can use a Starbucks 'coffee ordering' app will you still use the phone to pre-order a round of coffee for your office mates? If you can tweet your friends that tonight's concert is canceled will you still need to call everyone to make sure they know? Will someone that looks for the next Chinese take-out place still ask a stranger on the street rather than search on his mobile? Will you buy 'Time-Out' magaz ine to find the best Sushi restaurant in London when you can search Twitter, or pull up Tridadvisor or the NYT reviews on your mobile? Probably not. It looks like there are many calls we can do without, and if our mobile device (via a browser or more likely via a specific...

Gerd Leonhard

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