December 11, 2008

Best of 2008 Blog Posts and Essays now available for reading on your iPhone (via Instapaper) Along with the free iPhone version of my 2007 Music 2.0 book, my new Lulu-powered eBook "Best of 2008 Blog Posts & Essays" is now available to read on the iPhone, as well (yes, for free), using the very cool Instapaper iPhone reading app - and it works offline, too. Follow the instructions below, or add the Instapaper "Read Later" bookmark for this html page. I am still working on page breaks etc, so it's not very pretty yet - but if any of you can make a nicer-looking html file from the original PDF... please ping me! This is what you need to do to read the free book on your iPhone (perfect for those long, offline airplane trips!): Download the Instapaper app to your iPhone (or iTunes), via the app store or via the Instapaper site. Note that there is a free version and a paid version ($ 9.99 USD, which is well worth it because of the cool tilt scrolling!), but both work very well Install the app, sign up / register, go to the Best of 2008 Book html page, and mark it 'ADD' or 'Read Later" via the page or the bookmarklet. It will now save the file and sync it with your iPhone the next time you open the Instapaper app and update it. Enjoy! Related articles by Zemanta 4 reasons why we will start printing a lot less in 2009, plus: mobile reading is here! iPhone-specific mobile advertising Tribes author Seth Godin discusses free content and the publishing industry (via 26th Story) 10 quick ways to reinvent Print Media (newspapers, magazines)

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