December 15, 2008

A key trend for 2009: Conversation Enablement Image by gleonhard via Flickr A recent blog post by Seth Godin got me thinking about the power of Conversation Enablement and the idea of Social Books. Seth wrote about his vision of a conversation-enabled Amazon Kindle, egging me on to contemplate this: isn't Conversation Enablement something that already drives a lot of the most successful ideas, services and platforms, and isn't this very likely to explode in a financially-ultra-tight 2009: Twitter is really all about enabling a constant river (well... ocean, really) of conversation. The driving force is not really the linked-to information but the Context, and the Conversation that ensues as a consequence The iPod touch and maybe even the new Zune (and other connected music devices) are all about enabling conversations - they connect us to the content, but also to each other. Some people would argue that the each-other component is the part that will soon generate more revenues than the content, itself ;) The most successful mobile apps (Pandora and for music, the NYT and AP mobile apps, Facebook, Google reader, Loopt) etc are also heavily into enabling conversation around the content Almost ALL of the companies that had huge growth in 2008 were based on conversation enablement: Youtube, Facebook,, Twitter, Skype (see Mary Meeker's chart, below) Something to be learned here, for 2009! Source of image: Morgan Stanley Internet Trends 2008 Related articles by Zemanta Using Friendfeed as a business tool - Enterprise 2.0 (via Glen Hiemstra, Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Communication and Conversation Future trends in business communications: Phone stops ringing, eMail slows down, Social Nets & Media explode

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