December 23, 2008

Great read on "Intellectual Property and new Copyright Law" with some nice Media Futurist -ic Quotes (via This is a must read: Intellectual Property and new Copyright Law | Japan -- Business People Technology | Best snippets: "But are things really that dire? Some would argue that these industries are healthier now than they ever have been. With the spread of information at a never before seen level, pieces of journalism are being read more now than ever, music artists are able to reach a broader audience than ever (some by bypassing the record labels all-together), and movies are being watched by more people in more countries..." "The issue is control, and the embodiment of that control is copyright. The music industry is perhaps most illustrative of the issue..." "Currently in Japan, new copyright laws are being debated which could make average users subject to civil law suits from record labels or movie distribution companies. Within the walls of mega-forum 2-Channel and the Japanese blogosphere, debate has been raging over the laws and what they will mean exactly for the average user. Specifically the outright banning of illegal downloads—music, movies and games being the main points of interest—is currently being investigated by a sub-committee appointed by the central government. Presently, Japan’s copyright law makes an exception in the case of downloads for personal use..." "The industry veteran [IFPI's John Kennedy] says he believes a large increase in resources will not be needed to govern the Internet—warnings and enforcements will just need to be carried out in a similar way to any other law. “People call the Internet an ‘Information Super Highway.’ Well like any normal highway, it can be governed. If someone is speeding you give them a ticket and in extreme cases you take away their license.” But how about finding them? “People sit in their rooms and think they are anonymous but they are...

Gerd Leonhard

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