December 11, 2008

4 reasons why we will start printing a lot less in 2009, plus: mobile reading is here! Remember when we thought that the Internet was going to bring us the paperless office, and a 'greener' new world that would not rely on printed information at all times? This has not really happened yet but in 2009 this concept may finally become a reality for many of us. Looking around at what me and many of those clued-in people in my network do, I see the following trends: 1) Offline web-page and article reading. A lot of people will start reading their web-pages, RSS feeds and blog posts via new offline reading apps such as Instapaper (which I really love - check out their blog, here, *iPhone only), Read-it-later (very cool FF plug-in, just started using it, seems promising), the ubiquitous Google Reader (works on most mobile devices, and syncs great offline, too; with the amazing Google Gears engine), Opera Mini on my new E71 (supposedly offers offline reading), and many other cool apps that are becoming available for mobile devices (those small shiny boxes we used to call notebooks & computers;) right now. Remember when we all had to print those top stories from all those feeds and sites we like so that we could read them on the plane, or in the train or taxi? Well... no more. On my end, I used to print 100+ pages per day (yes, sorry), and that's gone down to less than 10 now; thanks to Instapaper etc. Great! 2) Mobile apps courtesy of your favorite newspapers and magazines. If you are into reading those good old mass media newspapers and mags (no worries, I am, too!) now you can make use of some nice new apps that allow you to read them on your mobile phones. Sure, it feels different, it's rather smallish and obviously lacks the physical paper...

Gerd Leonhard

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