January 05, 2009

Music Industry: so now you are on Twitter - so what should you do next? I recently wrote on the MidemNet Blog why everyone in the music industry should try Twitter, and apparently some people have taken it seriously ;) since I did get a lot of new followers from within the music business; many of them first-timers. Great! But now that you are tweeting (geek talk for sending messages) - what do you actually do there? In my newly championed short-is-better style, here is what to do with Twitter and what to tweet about if you are in the music business: Make sure you use a nice profile icon (i.e. your image) on your Twitter page, and that your info-box provides some short reasons (and one good link) why people should follow you. If you can, design your page background to be distinctly 'you' To be able to tweet very quickly use the Tweetdeck software or just install the really cool ShareThis extension in your Firefox or IE browser. I post 10-30 times per day but spend very little time on the process, using these tools (I focus more on the actual conversations) Follow other twitter users that are in the music industry, or in related fields. To find good people (pick your follows carefully!), try Twitterholic, twellow, twitter search, or AllTop or Tweet Directories Answer the direct messages and pings that you will get from people that follow you. This is crucial to get a real networking situation going. Again, Tweetdeck is best for this. Remember: it's all about LINKS. You must have blogs, myspace sites, photos or videos to link to -otherwise there is no point in tweeting. Always have a link in each post, and make it specific, too (i.e. not just the homepage). Note: if you don't yet have a lot of content to link to, you need to make...

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