January 14, 2009

Open Really is King - especially now! Update: this news just came in -what a great fit! Genachowski Likely to Champion Openness as FCC Chief (ECommerce Times) Open source was on a roll in 2008, already, but in the 'Crisis & Change Year' 2009 I think we will finally witness the obvious superiority of open systems (and not just in software). Here are some of the trends I see: The use of open source technologies for databases will continue to increase dramatically (see this cNet column); in a down economy this is of course not surprising Open source mobile OSs (such as Symbian and Android) will continue to gain market-share over Windows Mobile and others, simply because they offer a much superior speed of development Apple's iTunes DRM has just been dropped - and now watch what will happen elsewhere! Having said that, Apple is of course not known for their openness (to put it mildly) - but my hunch is that they will start getting off the control button this year, as well. Mozilla's Firefox already has over 20% market-share, and Google Chrome is gearing up, as well I predict that Facebook will be making radical strides to be more open, this year (see below); partly to compete with Google Connect A key embodiment of OPEN - the 'API Culture' - is seriously booming (I think Twitter alone has over 300 services based on their API), and this will only increase in 2009 Cloud computing is on the rise, everywhere - and open systems are a must for many of these applications Mobile networks are slowly being forced to get off on their walled-garden approaches (even though the U.S. is lacking behind in this process, see below) "Permission and revenue sharing rather than legal action" seems to be a trend that we can clearly see in...

Gerd Leonhard

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