February 09, 2009

4 bottom lines of the Internet economy: participation, engagement, attention, content = ads This, below just became clear to me this morning, on the 6.50 am flight from Basel to London (airplane trips always make good occasions for lofty thoughts I guess): People nowadays seem more keen to participate than to just consume - quite a stunning reversal if compared to mass media traditions. The culture of participation is spreading very quickly. See: flickr, youtube, blogs, twitter, Image by gleonhard via Flickrwikipedia, amazon ratings, digg... People are much more likely to check out, and maybe even like, a brand (or their advertising) when they are being engaged rather than marketed-to (i.e. yelled-at). See: Nike+, Bacardi & Groove Armada, Dell Idea Storm, Comcast on Twitter etc Attention is becoming more scarce by the minute (maybe even more so than time), and as a result attention-data -what do I where, how, with whom, when - is becoming more valuable as well. 'Paying with attention' will become a real option once a) content becomes available on the basis of attention-revenue sharing, b) new forms of advertising (yes, call it 2.0;) that can exploit this data are becoming more mainstream. Watch this video from my talk at Google UK, to find out more. Content will become completely mashed up with Advertising. Since, as Cory Doctorow said back in 2006 (!), Conversation is King - not just Content, we will see more and more innovative advertising based on sponsorship and product placement concepts injected into conversations around content - after all, this is what social networks are all about! Related articles by Zemanta Social Media Futures: Engage or be Tivo'ed (Future of Advertising & Marketing) (slideshare.net) Consumers Await on Social Networks says eMarketer - the End of Ads as Interruptions (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard Keynote At Futuresonic 2008 Print (slideshare.net)

Gerd Leonhard

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