February 11, 2009

Marketing Music, 2.0: the declining importance of traditional Air-Play (Radio) versus Net-Play Over the course of the next 5-6 years, the importance of getting Air-Play on terrestrial i.e. traditional, programmed radio will drastically decline, as people are switching to the Internet (and by extension, to each other) as the #1 way of sourcing music programs. We will see a drastic increase in fragmentation as people will do anything from carefully customizing each track in their lists to just listen to 'what's on' - and there will be 100s of permutations in between. From total engagement to total passive consumption, there will be offers covering each - and they will all be connected. Because of the strong uptake in next generation mobile devices (fka cell phones), the explosive proliferation of social networks and the drastic increase in wireless broadband capabilities at ever decreasing costs (yes, not yet - but give it another 18 months) we will see people use their mobile devices as prime instruments of listening to radio-like music programs - there will be hundreds of radio/music apps available via the various app stores that each device maker AND operator will offer; some paid, most feels-like-free, some sponsored. The other point is that as the car becomes fully connected and always-online people will shift their music consumption to Net-based offerings while on the road, as well (in addition to the already stiff in-car competition from iPods etc) - this will be a very very very serious challenge to traditional Radio (and TV) broadcasters. Local news, traffic, sports etc will be programmable to interlace with your Internet-based stations - the best of both worlds? Talk about Change! More resources: my slideshow on the Future of Broadcasting (NPOX 08), my slideshow on the Future of Radio (2007) Related articles by Zemanta Content creators take note: FREE for the users does not mean UNPAID for...
Meet me in San Francisco, March 4: Presentation on The Future of Content & Telecoms: Flat Rate Content Bundle & Social Media? - eComm2009 Conference The Future of Content & Telecoms: Flat Rate Content Bundles and Social Media - the Next Big Thing? - eComm2009: Emerging Communications Conference. I have some discount codes for this event - ping me! Date: Wednesday, March 4 Time: 4:30 - 4:50 PM Location: Salon E Imagine a world where unfiltered and limitless access to content is bundled directly into your access to the networks. A world where 'your cloud' holds all kinds of content, your social network connections, your community, and your context (i.e. meta-content), your meta-data and your interaction-trails, and where access to all of this is feels-like-free, legal, always-on and fully mobile, on any and all platforms. This is the future we are heading into, and telecoms, content-owners and brands / advertisers must forge entirely new partnerships. We are starting to see content creators and rights-owners aborting their long-standing quests for total control, and instead looking to build their audiences and share revenues. So where is this trend going to take us, what do we need to do in order to turn content (music, video, TV, news, games, books...) into a new and truly growing business that is really web-native, where are the big opportunities for telecoms, operators, social networks and rights-holders, and what will the new business models look like? In this context, Gerd will also address topics such as the flat rate for digital music, ISP/Operator + Content bundling examples in Europe and Asia, copyright 2.0 and the future of content commerce, the shift from control-economy to attention & trust economy, the latest developments in next generation advertising, and the growing economic power of those 'new generatives' (> Kevin Kelly). Related articles by Zemanta Gerd Leonhard Music & Media Futurist on 'Media goes PULL' (youtube.com) Gerd Leonhard At Effie Athens June 11 Future Of Advertising...

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