February 11, 2009

Dining 2.0: it's the EXPERIENCE (and the good content) I just had a very unique and nicely futuristic experience eating at the Inamo Restaurant in London, with Omid Ashtari (who works at Google in London), who turned me on to this amazing place. If you want to get a glimpse of the future - and I mean beyond eating - you should check it out: the interactive ordering system really rocks and is based on a surface computing system (MSFT I would guess - but yes, it did work well;) that is projected onto your table. You can change the color of your table's surface, select, view and order food (of course), and even play battleship (see first picture, below), in case your lunch date is utterly boring (nope, not in this case;). I have added a few photos below. But here is the key point: I will most definitely come back here, because: It's really easy and great fun to use this system to order & browse the menu (and I probably ended up ordering more than I should have, because of it!) - even for non-geeks, I think It's a great idea to be able to change your environment at the click of the mouse (i.e. apply your own table surface designs) It works very well and there is no waiting time to make a new order You can watch the chef via your table surface, if desired The food is fantastic (and that, of course, is crucial, too) All in all: the content was great (i.e. the food) but the CONTEXT - the Experience is what makes it rock. Lesson learned: Dining 2.0 > Media 2.0 > Content 2.0 - right? Youtube, of course, has some videos on Inamo, too, like this one

Gerd Leonhard

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