February 19, 2009

The Culture & Economy of Participation (my presentation at Emergence 2009 in Cyprus) Image via Wikipedia I just finished my presentation at Emergence 2009, a really interesting and engaging e-Tourism event in Limassol / Cyprus. I spoke on the topic of how the tourism and travel industry is changing because of the Internet and the new habits of those hyper-connected 'people formerly known as users'. From the program: The participative Economy by Gerd Leonhard Adopting customer-centricity and connecting through experience - access, usage, sharing - an inevitable future scenario for differentiation and competitiveness.Gerd is an expert on the drastic changes that are impacting content, media and communication companies as a consequence of the rapid deployment of new, disruptive technologies, and of convergence. Here is the PDF (15MB) - hopefully we will have a video soon, as well. Slideshare to follow as soon as bandwidth (not so hot, here) allows! Download Culture and Economy of Participation Gerd Leonhard Cyprus Emergence2009 Related articles by Zemanta The Future of Broadcasting: My presentation at the Dutch Broadcasting Convention (NPOX 2008) in Hilversum (mediafuturist.com) The Future of Content: Free, Shared...Paid? My presentation at FICOD 2008 in Madrid (mediafuturist.com) The Future of Advertising, Marketing and Media: my presentation at TribalDDB London (Nov 12, 2008) (mediafuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard International Economic Forum St Petersburg 2008 Future Of Copyright (slideshare.net) David Smith's (theGFF) presentation at MidemNet 2009: CHANGE. Now. (mediafuturist.com) The Culture And Economy Of Participation: Futurist Gerd Leonhard @ Cyprus Emergence2009 etourism event View more presentations from Gerd Leonhard. (tags: tourism etourism)

Gerd Leonhard

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