March 10, 2009

Just discovered: powerful free book 'MetheMedia - Rise of the Conversation Society' - a must read. Sander Duivestein, sen ior analyst at Sogeti's VINT, and one of the co-writers of this powerful ebook that provides a huge amount of both information and inspiration for anyone pondering the Future of Media, just send me the link to where his great book can be downloaded as a free PDF. Go get it before they run out of server juice;) The full title is: Me the Media: Rise of the Conversation Society - Past, Present and Future of the Third Media Revolution The authors are Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn, Sander Duivestein. There are some pretty cool illustrations in the book as well (see below). I will be chewing my way through this during the next few weeks - hey, I may even take advantage of this opportunity and start using my new Sony Reader, i.e. without printing all 292 pages. The main topic of the book (as far as I have read it, at the time of this blog post) is how drastically things have changed because WE 'the people formerly known as consumers' are becoming more empowered by the minute, i.e. it's increasingly more about MEMedia than about THEIRMedia; about conversation and engagement not (you guessed it) about Control. The video below provides a nice intro as well, more vids are here. This is a must-read, imho! Be sure to pass on the news of the release. Incidentally, I have found a few slideshows on Slideshare that are also a very good fit with this book, including this one (not mine:), and, naturally quite a few of these PDFs might also make a good fit (yes, they're mine;). Enjoy. Don't print. Related articles by Zemanta 4 reasons why we will start printing a lot less in 2009, plus: mobile reading is here! ( Read my best 2008...

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