March 05, 2009

Band offers mobile app for streaming music (Ars Technica): Music as Software is the next format after the CD! Read about the Presidents of the United States of America: Bands bypass iTunes by streaming music through iPhone apps - Ars Technica: "If you're a Presidents of the United States of America fan, you can now listen to the band's entire discography for a mere $3, but not through the iTunes Store. Fire up your iPhone and grab it from the App Store instead; the band has bypassed the record label bureaucracy and released everything on its own..." This is clearly a very cool idea, and something I have been looking at for quite some time: in the dawning age of rapidly exploding mobile app stores, on 5+ platforms, and with something like 2 Billion always-on smart phone users, we can now start selling music as software packages, i.e. in any UI/UX, multimedia, online/offline format that fits the artists' specific users and locations. Bands and artists, their managers, agents or labels and even publishers can select any combination of audio, video, pictures, texts, news feeds, games, twitter updates and social media 'rivers' to update the bands fans at any time, anywhere in the world. My hunch is that most artists will probably have basic free versions available, at first, followed by premium apps that offer considerably more value and will cost from a few extra dollars all the way up to even $50 per user - and most importantly, lots of up-selling will be fueled through these apps. Think live concerts webcasts and downloads, premium video footage, remote backstage access, preferred access at concerts, merchandising etc - once I am hooked on the band, using this app, I make the perfect case for pitching something else to me. I have said this a few 1000 times in the past, but here it is again: Music as a service (i.e. get...

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