March 02, 2009

The Printing Press brought us Copyright, the Internet brings... Usage Right! I think creators now need to get paid for the USE of their work, not (just) for a copy. On the web, everything is a copy, every listen / watch / read / use is in fact a copy; computers are simply copy machines by default. If creators and rights-holders stick to the old definition of 'copy' and the corresponding, unit-based mode of how they used to get paid (e.g. the mechanical license for each download of a song), then we will continue to have a total mismatch between what 1.4 Billion Internet and the converging ~ 4 Billion mobile phone users are willing and / or able to pay, resulting in a drastic loss of revenues that could be harvested via revenue sharing, bundling and other collaborative, usage-based models. Check out the slideshow below. More on what I call "21st Century Content Economics" later today - I will publish a PDF with my Authors@Google presentation I am doing in San Francisco, today. Copyright 2.0 and the Future of Music Gerd Leonhard Norway Think Tank June 2008 View more presentations from Gerd Leonhard. (tags: copyright immf)Related articles by Zemanta Gerd Leonhard - The Future of Media ( Should software face the flat-rate music future? (Gerd quoted in CNET News) ( Great read on "Intellectual Property and new Copyright Law" with some nice Media Futurist -ic Quotes (via ( Gerd Leonhard Presentation Music2.0 Barcelona June 2008 (

Gerd Leonhard

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