March 10, 2009

The gloves are off: now Google needs to really get involved in the new Content Economy, asap I already blogged about the Youtube / PRS show-down (hey - that's a great word for this) in the UK, earlier today. After reading, twittering and talking to lots of 'real' people about this today, this is my conclusion: This conundrum is not Google's 'fault' but still: Google needs to really, materially and boldly get involved with facilitating the construction of a new content logic and economy, and lead content creators, owners and representatives into a new ecosystem that will actually work for all involved parties. Because it can. Conflicts like Youtube vs. PRS are unavoidable because the canyon between Google - imho still pretty much the primary driver of Net-fueled innovation and disruption- and the content creators (never mind the industry) gets bigger by the minute. And, in my humble opinion, Google isn't doing nearly enough to explain this to them, and to guide them more conclusively into this new domain where content isn't always king, and where it won't matter if it is or not (if it ever did). I talked about this in my speech at Authors@Google in SF last week; hopefully we will have that video available soon. The bottom line is that this will take deep, serious, multi-lateral, honest and open collaboration between these (and other) key constituents: Content creators and the content industries (in that order;) Telcos, ISPs, mobile operators and other telecommunications companies Advertisers, brands, and their agencies Social media and social networking platforms (of course all Internet companies, other search engines and portals) Governments and governmental bodies Welcome to a new Data Economy, a new Advertising Economy, and a New Content Economy. Your turn, Google. I will write more about this, but here's a quick illustration (thanks to Kevin Kelly for the power-lines & copy pic)

Gerd Leonhard

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