April 07, 2009

Youtube vs. GEMA & PRS, Kindle vs Book Authors, Google's free Music in China: so what is the value of Content? I think 2009 will be a key year for the content industries, the creators, media companies, platforms, labels, publishers and other middle(wo)men. In 2009, the value of content - starting with music and news - is being redefined for the Internet age. The gloves are off: the music rights societies want more money for each play, many journalists and writers are fearing a gloomy future as newspapers stop printing and shift to digital publishing around the world, and the book-authors guild is quarreling with Amazon about the Kindle2's robotic voice renditions of their works. The bottom line is that the core logic and operating mantra that the 'Western' content industries have employed until now is becoming unstable and, economically speaking, increasingly unworkable. The Internet has severely disrupted the traditional value chains, and the promised land of advertising-supported free content has not yet materialized. Let me outline these shifts and challenges a bit more: A) Controlling the distribution of content - whether by technical or via legal means - is increasingly becoming an utter 'mission impossible' unless you want to adopt a seriously totalitarian Internet regime (as seems to be proposed in France last week I fear...) B) Closed systems and walled gardens (yes, those of the telecoms and mobile operators, too) are leaking everywhere. Closed and centralized ecosystems are becoming very expensive and thus hard to maintain, e.g. Microsoft Windows versus the ever-mushrooming Google Web OS (soon to include voice communications), Android and Symbian mobile OS vs Windows Mobile, free streaming vs paid subscriptions such as Rhapsody, open API-based platforms such as Twitter and (now) the Guardian's Open Platform versus proprietary offerings such as iTunes or the WSJ, and so on and on. C) On the Net, just about every mode of content consumption -aka listening, watching, reading- does in...
The Future of Content & Creativity: my presentation at the RSA in London (April 8) Here is the PDF (incl. some slides I did not actually get to show due to time restraints;) of my presentation at the RSA: download Future of Content and Creativity Gerd Leonhard at RSA London PDF 16MB About the event (tweets here) "The internet is radically disrupting most of the traditional content distribution and selling models, starting with music and games, followed by TV, film, books and print publishing. Once everyone is always-on, mobile and hyper-connected, and everything is available everywhere, how will content be created, distributed, marketed, consumed, and paid for? Who will do what, for whom, and how will the traditional players such as broadcasters, record labels, publishers and distributors adapt? If new players, starting with telecoms, device makers, advertisers and brands, indeed move into the content business, what will be their challenges and opportunities? Given the challenging financial climate, how do we reconcile the need to reward enterprise and secure sustainable revenue streams, with the expectations and demands of the “freeconomics” generation? What kind of legal, regulatory and cultural framework do we need to ensure that this new eco-system of creators, consumers and intermediaries generates more benefits for all involved? Speakers: Gerd Leonhard, media futurist, author and blogger; Richard Titus, Controller of Future Media, Audio, Music & Mobile, BBC; David A. Smith, chief executive of Global Futures and Foresight (GFF). Chair: Ralph Simon, CEO, The Mobilium Advisory Group and Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum - Americas. Suggested hashtag for Twitter users: #rsamedia Related articles by Zemanta Mobile Content Futures: my presentation at Mobile Monday Amsterdam (March 30) (mediafuturist.com) The Future of Music & Media: Gerd Leonhard at Plugg 2009 (blip.tv) The End of Control and the Future of Content: My presentation at Google San Francisco (March 2, 2009) (mediafuturist.com) Futuretalks: Interview with Futurist Gerd Leonhard...

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