May 10, 2009

The Road to Music 2.0 - my presentation at Creative Capital / Future Music Lab in London This is a public version of my presentation from today's Creative Capital event and Future Music Lab / Sandpit here at Canary Wharf London. Really enjoyed the sandpit discussions in the afternoon, btw - will have some pics and vids from that soon. A short summary of what I talked about: 1) We are in the middle of a switch from Egosystem to Ecosystem - a better business model for a new music industry will need to be build on deep collaboration and mutual respect - there will be no stron g, new revenue streams without all pieces of the ecosystem (telecoms, brands, content owners, CE / device makers...) collaborating 2) The development of New Generatives (yes, a la Kevin Kelly / The Technium: Better than Free - a must read!) is crucial - most traditional revenue models based on unit sales and push-marketing will crumple more or less completely. This includes packaging, personalization, timeliness, authentication, curation, filtering, alt-outputs etc (see more, here and here) 3) The only way to monetize the use of music on digital networks is to license the music via a collective, public, open flat rate - like we licensed radio. If Google can achieve a 'private flat rate' in China... then we can do something similar here! 12 MB PDF The road to Music 2 Gerd Leonhard Creative Capital London Related articles by Zemanta Compensation not Control - the Future of Music! Gerd Leonhard's Keynote at MidemNet 2009 ( What's wrong with this picture(online content spending grows - but music declines) ( No Musicians Have Ever Been Guaranteed To Make Money Selling Music ( The gloves are off: now Google needs to really get involved in the new Content Economy, asap ( Futurist Gerd Leonhard at Google Tech Talk London - The Future of Media,...

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