May 23, 2009

Meet me in Singapore June 18-21 (CommunicAsia Keynotes) If you live in Singapore or happen to be there June 18-21 2009 please come by CommunicAsia for my speeches: June 18 speech & presentation on Mobile Marketing; June 19 Talk on Mobile Content Keynote Address June 19, 10 am The Future of Mobile Content, TV & Entertainment: The content industries are seriously challenged by the Internet's disruptive forces - it may have taken longer but is really hitting home now. Many trusted business models are no longer working, copyright and value traditions are being challenged, and content consumption is drastically changing, everywhere. Now that Internet access is becoming a default part of just about every mobile phone, even more drastic changes are on the horizon. Who will pay for what kind of content on mobile phones, when, why, where and how? Will mobile TV and mobile music finally take off, and what will be the future business models? Where the opportunities are and where are the minefields and myths that need to be discarded? Gerd will present the most crucial trends, examples and future scenarios and preview some of the findings from his upcoming book 'Broadband Culture' Related articles by Zemanta Mobile Content Futures: Gerd Leonhard at Mobile Monday Amsterdam March 30 2009 ( Band offers mobile app for streaming music (Ars Technica): Music as Software is the next format after the CD! ( IBM: Telecoms will need to do more to prosper in the emerging 'TeleMedia' chain ( The End of Control and the Future of Content: new Video of my [email protected] Talk in San Francisco (

Gerd Leonhard

Keynote Speaker, Think-Tank Leader, Futurist, Author & Strategist, Idea Curator, some say Iconoclast | Heretic, CEO TheFuturesAgency, Visiting Prof FDC Brazil, Green Futurist

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