May 13, 2009

The Road to Music 2.0 - my presentation at Creative Capital / Future Music Lab in London This is a public version of my presentation from today's Creative Capital event and Future Music Lab / Sandpit here at Canary Wharf London. Really enjoyed the sandpit discussions in the afternoon, btw - will have some pics and vids from that soon. A short summary of what I talked about: 1) We are in the middle of a switch from Egosystem to Ecosystem - a better business model for a new music industry will need to be build on deep collaboration and mutual respect - there will be no stron g, new revenue streams without all pieces of the ecosystem (telecoms, brands, content owners, CE / device makers...) collaborating 2) The development of New Generatives (yes, a la Kevin Kelly / The Technium: Better than Free - a must read!) is crucial - most traditional revenue models based on unit sales and push-marketing will crumple more or less completely. This includes packaging, personalization, timeliness, authentication, curation, filtering, alt-outputs etc (see more, here and here) 3) The only way to monetize the use of music on digital networks is to license the music via a collective, public, open flat rate - like we licensed radio. If Google can achieve a 'private flat rate' in China... then we can do something similar here! 12 MB PDF The road to Music 2 Gerd Leonhard Creative Capital London Related articles by Zemanta Compensation not Control - the Future of Music! Gerd Leonhard's Keynote at MidemNet 2009 ( What's wrong with this picture(online content spending grows - but music declines) ( No Musicians Have Ever Been Guaranteed To Make Money Selling Music ( The gloves are off: now Google needs to really get involved in the new Content Economy, asap ( Futurist Gerd Leonhard at Google Tech Talk London - The Future of Media,...
Picnic Interview: Gerd on Social Media Marketing This is from the Picnic Conference blog, taken from a telephone interview with me, last week. Please note that I am firm believer that there is NO COOKBOOK for success in social media (whatever that means!), at least as far as I can tell. And there is no certainly not a definitive correlation between your mere numbers of followers or friends, and the quality or merit of your work. We are still very much in the very first, embryonic phase of social media marketing (and the related personal branding options), and it would be very premature to equal success in numbers with success in business or even any real degree of influence. I am experimenting with this just as much as everyone else... so, read this below, in that spirit! Btw - the Picnic conference in Amsterdam (Sept 23-25, 2009) will be well worth attending (and not just because I'll be speaking ;). Last year's event was thoroughly entertaining as well as inspirational, if sometimes a bit overwhelming due to the sheer number of topics and attendees. Check out my 2008 Picnic presentation on The New Music Ecosystem, here. From the Picnic site (comments by me are in[...]) "Last Friday, the team at PICNIC had the opportunity to pick Gerd Leonhard’s brain about social media marketing and what has made him successful. Gerd is a well-known media futurist and a regular PICNIC participant. He travels the world speaking about the future of media, content, technology, communication, business and entertainment. In less than six months Gerd accumulated over 5000 followers on Twitter and his website traffic [and RSS feed users] increased by 300% (60% of which comes from Twitter). As a result he decided to completely stop communicating with his 17,000-strong database by email and his business has continued to thrive....

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