June 07, 2009

Some recent Twitter-related wisdoms you should read for sure Twitter is indeed a game-changer and is quickly becoming a major force in social media, news, search and mobile communications. I have written about Twitter quite a few times, already, so today I will just share some really important Twitter-related stuff that I just discovered, myself (via the people I follow on Twitter, naturally ;) First, the always-seriously-cutting-edge Umair Haque just published a blog post on 'Twitter's 10 Rules for Radical Innovators' which is simply a must-read. Here are my favorites morsels: "Open beats closed. Anyone can use Twitter, make friends with anyone else on Twitter, and read anyone else's Tweets, unless they're locked. Here's Oprah, for example. Openness is important because it unlocks 21st Century economics — the new economics of interdependence" The new economics of interdependence - that's a crucial term, in my view. I like to think about this as Egosystem becoming Ecosystem...;) "Connection beats transaction. In the 20th Century, what was viral was mostly the flu. Today, Twitter is the master of viral economies. I got this awesome link from you got it from he got it from them. In the 21st Century, virality can make many different kinds of value activities significantly more efficient and productive..." Circuits beat channels. Twitter isn't building a new media channel. It's turning yesterday's channel into a circuit. ...Twitter has dropped a neutron bomb of real-time feedback into the heart of media: yesterday's inert, rigid channel becomes a flexible, ever-shifting, reconfigurable set of circuits instead. Efficiency is gained — and monopoly is vaporized — as demand coalesces around supply, and vice versa" No comments required here;) Second, be sure to read TIME's recent ode to Twitter: how Twitter will change the way we live. The goodies, quoted, my comments are [...] In short, the most fascinating thing about Twitter is...
Balzac.tv: video interviews with me, Joi Ito on 'La Belezza del Copyleft' @ Ars Electronica (in Spanish & English) I did an interview with the On iOn Communication people for a show on Balzac.TV(Barcelona) at last year's 'New Cultural Economy' event at Ars Electronica in Graz, Austria. Today, Balzav.tv published the interviews (which also included Creative Commons CEO and all-around thought leader Joi Ito, ARS CEO Gerfried Stocker, and Ronaldo Remos) online, and if you speak Spanish better than me I recommend that you check it out; the discussions in-between (with Gina Tost) are in Spanish, the Interviews are in English. More details via From the OniOn blog: "Hoy se estrena un nuevo capitulo de Balzac TV, un trabajo realizado en cooperación entre los equipos de ON i ON comunicación y de Balzac TV, y protagonizado por las antagonistas “Gina copyleft” y “Gina copyright”. Con esta pieza queremos aportar una serie de reflexiones ajenas y propias acerca de un problema actual que parece de difícil solución si lo miramos sólo desde el lado del negocio: las limitaciones de la propiedad intelectual en la era digital. ¿Qué alternativas hay a la estricta interpretación del copyright, Creative Commons funciona, y bajo qué condiciones, y hay modelos de negocios viables basado en el copyleft? A parte de la estupenda Gina Tost y sus alter egos, contamos con las aportaciones de Joi Ito (CEO Creative Commons), Gerfried Stocker (Director Artístico de Ars Electronica), Gerd Leonhard (Media Futurist) y Ronaldo Lemos (Creative Commons, Brazil). Os dejo con las Ginas peleonas…" Balzac.tv: La belleza del copyleftRelated articles by Zemanta The Future of ICT / TIME: my presentation at the NSN Transformation Forum in Cologne (mediafuturist.com) Joi Ito on Technology's Next Investment Opportunities (some key messages for the content industry) (mediafuturist.com) The Future of Copyright: Copyright 2.0 by Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist (blip.tv) The Future of Music & Media: Gerd Leonhard at Plugg 2009 (blip.tv) The...

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