June 23, 2009

"Where Is It Going": new Twitter-based video show with Futurist Glen Hiemstra: ready for your questions I recently started a brand-new project with my friend and fellow futurist Glen Hiemstra, entitled Where Is It Going (WiiG). The concept is simple: we are taking questions from anyone, via Twitter, on any future-related topic, and we will record 5-8 minute long videos of Glen and myself attempting to answer as many questions as we can, on a weekly basis. We will also add a few other futurists from our network once we have solved a few technical issues. We have also started discussions with a potential partner that will help us with producing better videos -stay tuned. This is how you can participate in WhereIsItGoing (WiiG): Be sure to follow @gleonhard and @glenhiemstra on Twitter Tweet your futuristic questions to us, anytime, but be sure to use the hashtag #wiig (this way we can find your questions via Twitter Search, no matter if you addressed them to us or not) If you want your tweets to be included on the live video of the twitter stream (#wiig) please be sure to tweet at 9 am PST / 12 noon EST / 6pm CET /12 midnight Singapore, and follow the live tweets via twitter search; we will publish the finished video on WhereIsItGoing.com soon afterwards. We will be on the tweet streams for at least 20 minutes. Spread the word! Related articles by Zemanta The Future of Music & Media: Gerd Leonhard at Plugg 2009 (blip.tv) Some recent Twitter-related wisdoms you should read for sure (mediafuturist.com) This is how I blog now... Going Micro. (mediafuturist.com) Live Webcast: Future Trends in Technology (futurist.com)

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