July 06, 2009

The price of freedom: Reinventing the online economy (RSA Journal July 2009) I was delighted to be invited to make a contribution to the RSA Journal's July 2009 edition, the printed version of which was just send out I believe, and the online edition that just went up on their website. The complete title of my piece is: "The price of freedom - reinventing the online economy: Gerd Leonhard explains why ‘free’ content can still pay in the long term" and I really enjoyed writing this for them. Following my last presentation at the RSA, in April 2009, on 'The Future of Content and Creativity' I have had many good conversations about this topic. The audio track from this event is here, btw; and the video is embedded again, below. Enjoy. And RT;) I definitely recommend that you check out the other great features in the Juy 09 RSA journal, as well, there's some great gems in there.Update (January 10, 2010): English Version as downloadable PDF: Download RSA Gerd Summer 2009 German Translation by Rainer Classen : RSA German Translation: Preis der Freiheit Spanish Translation by Carlos Perez Vellila: Spanish Price of Free RSA Italian Translation by Federico Ciappi: Download Il prezzo della libertà RC1 You can read the entire thing on the RSA page, so here is just an excerpt: "Free information, free music, free content and free media have been the promises of the internet (r)evolution since the humble beginnings of the World Wide Web and the Netscape IPO on 9 August 1995. What started out as the cumbersome sharing of simple text, grainy images and seriously compressed MP3s via online bulletin boards has now spread out to every single segment of the content industry – and even into ‘meatspace’ (real-life) services such as car rentals. Without a doubt, ‘free’ has become the default expectation of the young web-empowered digital...

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