July 30, 2009

Free, public Music 2.0 / Future of Music Webinar tomorrow July 31st 2009 5pm CET I am trying to figure out if virtual i.e. remote, public presentations can actually work, and if so, what tools to use, and if I should offered webinars for free or not (and if not, at what price point I could offer them, and on what topics). The most often requested subject for a presentation is, by-far, "Music 2.0 - The Future of the Music Industry". I get about 2 inquiries or speaking invitations per day on this topic; guess that's because of the various books I have written on this (The Future of Music, Music 2.0 etc) - so this will be the first topic for the webinar series. On Friday, July 31, at 5pm CET, 4pm GMT/UK, 11 am EST, 8am PST, midnight JST and 1am (next day) AEST, I will present my first free webinar on "Music 2.0 - The Future of Music". This first session will be FREE; in return I may simply ask you for some feedback and your patience while I am figuring this out. Future sessions may well be free, as well - I am working on that, so stay tuned! I will be using Drop.io and this is how you can join me (no registration is required - just show up): Go to my presentations page on Drop.io Cover via Amazon Log in with the guest password "future" Join the presentation once it's active; it will tell you on the screen. I will start the intro-page 15 minutes before the times listed above; please be sure to add your real name when the box comes up (if that's ok) Call this (U.S.) number to hear me talk or ask questions live: +1 218-486-3891 x 956827539 (sorry, drop.io does not offer local dial-in numbers yet). Note that the Chat Tool is part of...

Gerd Leonhard

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