August 17, 2009

Creating value with Content: The Future of Marketing and Advertising (my Sydney presentation) I was invited to present at the InsightExchange event in Sydney, Australia, yesterday, on the topic of Content 2.0 and the Future of Marketing & Advertising. Other speakers included fellow Futurist Ross Dawson and Craig Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Publicis / Mojo. From the event description: "Futurist Gerd Leonhard will talk about the key trends and developments from around the globe, depict the most likely scenarios in the next 3-5 years, and describe opportunities that will arise from the global change to a networked and fully converged ecosystem of Content & Media, Marketing and Advertising" Some high-lights: We are only beginning to understand the huge shift from disconnecte d to connected 'consumers' Connected people act / consume / behave / communicate VERY differently Mobile broadband-powered content sharing is going to reset the content industries The disruption has only just begun Captive consumers are rapidly vanishing Advertising and marketing as we knew it is no longer going to work Advertising IS CONTENT Here are the slides I presented (and a few extra ones that I did not actually get to); you can download the 26MB PDF via slideshare, below, or via this link. All content is made available under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution license, except for 3rd party images as inidicated. Creating value with Content: the Future Of Marketing & Advertising, by Gerd Leonhard Sydney 8-18-2009 View more documents from Gerd Leonhard.Related articles by Zemanta Picnic Interview: Gerd on Social Media Marketing ( Audio version of my Authors at Google Talk: the Future of Content - the End of Control ( Mobile Marketing Futures: Data is the new Oil (my presentation at CMMA 09 in Singapore) ( The Future of Content & Creativity: my presentation at the RSA in London (April 8) ( The Future of Mobile Content (presentation...

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