September 04, 2009

Nice FreedomLab Video with me (Future of Content & Media) This interesting video was created by the cool Amsterdam-based crew of FreedomLab and is part of the "Penny for your Thoughts" series which has a great selection of key people and influencers contributing their thoughts on many current issues. I am tickled to be part of this (this video will be added on their page soon - so you are indeed getting it on my blog first!) This video juxtaposes some sound bytes from an interview with me with some cool graphics, ticker-text animations using my spoken words, and various illustrations. Topics: well, as you may have expected, this is mostly about media and the future of content: distribution is no longer the core business for media companies. Why open licensing platforms are so important. The move from selling copies to selling access - how will that be monetized? How will content be curated, recommended and then... monetized by the Creators? Apart from my Youtube channel (click below to go there), you can find many more videos at my Blip.TV channel (includes downloads to iTunes for offline viewing). My entire Futuretalks DVD with my collaborator Glen Hiemstra can be downloaded here (yes... for free) Related articles by Zemanta Broadband Culture and the Future of Broadcasting (new video) ( The Future of Content & Creativity: Video of my speech at the RSA in London (April 8, 2009) ( YouTube to Monetize Your 15 Minutes of Fame (

Gerd Leonhard

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