September 16, 2009

Ouch: French government pushes on with 3-strikes (London ORG event on Oct 2) Does the French President Sarkozy have a secret wish to self-destruct, or to lead France out of the European Community? Maybe this is the reason that the ludicrous 3 strikes idea keeps surfacing in France, see the coverage by TelecomTV below (and the other links). But here is the real morsel (from The Register UK): "France's Ministry of Culture estimates that 1,000 people a day could be cut off from the internet under the bill. After first being sent a warning email and then a formal letter by Hadopi, those accused of illegal file- sharing for a third time could be disconnected for up to a year and face a €300,000 fine and jail time. Even those found guilty of "negligence" for allowing others (such as their children) to pirate online material risk a month-long internet suspension and a €1,500 fine..." Maybe I am wrong but I can't imagine that these kinds of ideas are very popular with the voters, no matter what the business problems and the lack of innovation within the content industry are. Sure, politicians can have nice dinners with the music industry VIPs and smart lobbyists, and get VIP concert tickets, but this will not help them to get re-elected when the time comes. But before that, action is required, because unfortunately the same debate is also raging in the UK. So if you live in London, or are visiting, I will be contributing a speech at an anti-3-strikes event called "Stop Lord Mandelson" on October 2, in London, at 7 pm, together with David Rowntree (Blur) and Ben Goldacre (Guardian / Bad Science), organized and moderated by Jim Killock (Open Rights Group UK). Please join me, and / or spread the word.The petition is here. My slide-show response to Hadopi / French-trois-strikes is here. My...
Music Like Water and the Public Digital Music License: my presentation at A2N in Berlin Great conference in Berlin, today: All-together-now (A2N). Finally, here's a place to discuss real innovation in the music industry - this event has real potential, imho, even though it could have been positioned to be more international, right from the start (most discussions were in German, but translation was available... good start), and some speakers were rather stale - but nothing that can't be fixed. I will blog more about this, later, for now, here is the PDF of my presentation "Music Like Water". A2N's twitter feed is here, the tweet feed (#A2N) is here. Update: here is the video! Gerd Leonhard - Music Like Water: why, what, when and how? from all2gethernow on Vimeo. My summary Legalize it: a public, collective, open License for the use of Music online Collaborative efforts to develop new, web-native revenue streams A new social contract for Content P.S: I tried a new template for my presentation, this time, following some critique on my slide-designs, via my tweeps... hope you like this better, please let me know! Music Like Water: Gerd Leonhard at A2N 2009 Berlin View more documents from Gerd Leonhard.Related articles by Zemanta Free...Feels-Like-Free...Freemium...? What in the world...? ( The Future of Media: Open, Mobile, Connected, Collaborative (presentation at MPJC 2009) ( Picnic Interview: Gerd on Social Media Marketing ( Music 2.0 Webinar: the PDF and the audio/video ( The Future of Mobile Content (presentation at CMMA 09 in Singapore) ( Audio version of my Authors at Google Talk: the Future of Content - the End of Control ( The Future of Content & Telecoms: new video of my presentation at the eComm Conference (March 2009) ( video interviews with me, Joi Ito on 'La Belezza del Copyleft' @ Ars Electronica (in Spanish & English) (

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