October 11, 2009

Future of Media & ICT: presentation at Bilisim Zervisi 2009 (Istanbul) I always enjoy coming to Istanbul and was delighted to be invited to do a keynote speech at this year's Bilisim Zervisi, the Turkish CeBit / CES equivalent. Some of the topics I covered include the top trends in media (fixed to mobile, top-down to social, consumers to users, physical to digital, one-way to interactive etc), the future of eBooks (and the new, international Amazon Kindle), why the solution for digital piracy is in the business model not in technology, the convergence of media, telecom, advertising, social networking, content & media, why telecoms and mobile operators must get involved with content and advertising. A Turkish review of my speech is here (no idea what it says, though). The Future of Media & ICT (Bilisim Zervis 2009) View more documents from Gerd Leonhard. Related articles by Zemanta The Future of Digital Content - Free vs Paid? My presentation at Tokyo 2.0 August 24 2009 (mediafuturist.com) Mobile Marketing Futures: Data is the new Oil (my presentation at CMMA 09 in Singapore) (mediafuturist.com) Creating value with Content: The Future of Marketing and Advertising (my Sydney presentation) (mediafuturist.com) The Future of Mobile Content (presentation at CMMA 09 in Singapore) (mediafuturist.com) The Future of Business in a connected world (my presentation at ACCJ Tokyo) (mediafuturist.com) I just ordered the new 'International' Kindle eReader: the reading revolution has started! (mediafuturist.com)

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