October 19, 2009

UK's Channel 4 to air full-length TV content on YouTube: smart move Very good news for Youtube and for the Future of TV, via FT, below. As you may have guessed, I particularly like the comment on the music industry;). Well done, Channel 4 - you are on your way to web-native content economics: decentralization, syndication, next generation advertising and viral distribution on multiple platforms is the key to monetizing TV content in the future. "Andy Duncan, Channel 4's chief executive, said the deal would be a good way for Channel 4 to maximise its audience. The 4oD service on channel4.com served around 10m streams of full-length content in September, and has served around 365m in the three years since launch. In comparison, YouTube serves more than 1bn video streams globally each day."There is no point in being Canute-like. We have got to go where the consumers are and some members of the public increasingly want to consume programmes online," Mr Duncan said. "It will be a step change in the number of internet viewers we get." He added that making programmes easily available on a popular platform such as YouTube would discourage people from seeking out pirated copies of shows online. "We are trying to avoid some of the mistakes that the music industry made in failing to make deals with popular platforms," he said." via www.ft.com Related articles by Zemanta YouTube to broadcast Channel 4 shows (theregister.co.uk) Is Channel 4's 'catchup' TV deal with YouTube a new watershed? (telegraph.co.uk) C4 puts shows on YouTube (news.bbc.co.uk) The Future of Mobile Content (presentation at CMMA 09 in Singapore) (mediafuturist.com)

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