November 06, 2009

Making money with music when the copy is 'free' (Kristiansand Music Industry Conference) So these were some of the topics I talked about at Peter Jenner's annual music industry think-tank event in Kristiansand / Norway: 1) What is this new framework for the music industry - which facts and trends do we need to consider? 2) What are the key value shifts (pricing, and access versus copy), and what do they mean? 3) Why we need that 'new social contract' and thereby legalize digital music (and the discussion of the proposed digital music license) 4) The new logic of bundled access, embodiment and experience, and the need for a new 'pool of money' (to quote Jim Griffin) 5) The irreversible shift in the perception of 'copies' of content 6) Future revenues based on Attention 7) Why the future is not in selling what is abundant but what is scarce 8) Why content creators and rights-holders do not compete with free ... and much more fun stuff;) Enjoy. Re-tweet. Facebook share. Comment! Making money with music when the copy is 'free' View more documents from Gerd Leonhard.Related articles by Zemanta New Content Logic: my presentation at TACD / Paris Accord Meetings ( The Mobility Revolution and the Power of Social Media (presentation at the ACTE09 conference in Prague) ( Creating value with Content: The Future of Marketing and Advertising (my Sydney presentation) ( Music 2.0 Webinar: the PDF and the audio/video ( Free...Feels-Like-Free...Freemium...? What in the world...? ( Audio version of my Authors at Google Talk: the Future of Content - the End of Control ( The Future of Business in a connected world (my presentation at ACCJ Tokyo) ( The Future of Digital Content - Free vs Paid? My presentation at Tokyo 2.0 August 24 2009 (

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