December 31, 2009

Futerati 2.0: my curated 'best people on Twitter' list becomes a live feed aggregator, beta invites available now You may have seen my first announcement on Futerati, back in July 2009. The idea was to list and display the latest updates from those Twitter friends that I like the most, thereby acknowledging how important they are to my work, and directing some attention back to them. Since then, Twitter has become even more important to me (and to many of my clients, especially in the music industry) because it offers real-time access to many really brilliant people around the world that freely share their thoughts, resources, links, blog posts, pictures, videos and presentations. And what's more: you can actually watch their stuff as it pops up, and talk to them, too! Miraculously, I have somehow even gone past the 10.000 followers point, myself (not that those numbers really matter, though - keep that in mind) - thanks to all of you, out there. I have met some really great people through Twitter, and have already booked quite a few speaking gigs through Twitter as well - so the benefits cover the entire spectrum; and yes, they are monetizable (if you should care about that). Here is a screen-shot of the new Futerati: After the initial launch of Futerati (see the old site, here), I was very fortunate to hook up with NZ programming wiz and Tangerine Works Founder Nick Taylor (via Twitter!) who offered to help us to make Futerati a lot more attractive by actually displaying the images and videos within each tweet, and by turning the whole project into a really fancy feed aggregator and powerful tweet-reader. Nick was joined by my designer and web-master Benjamin Blust (of B2Media) and a really nice, crowd-sourced effort was underway. Thanks, guys! The new Futerati now features 20+ categories of personally selected futurists, visionaries, bloggers, journalists, authors, VCs, startups,...

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