February 02, 2010

Interview with me (Clash Magazine): Future Adventures in Music Check it out... some nice snippets here. “When you think that there are $600 or $700 BILLION dollars spent on advertising globally on reaching consumers, that money is going to shift into things like Spotify and Napster to fund those companies to reach consumers and the music business can basically be paid for by really smart advertising. That’s not necessarily a bad thing except for that when you hate advertising you have to be able to opt out. Branding advertising isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just has to be done in a very integral way, without disturbing the experience... Google makes everything free that used to cost money and it’s going to make the market more efficient. And the Google factor is going to be huge for music. Google is in the position of making a lot of things free including email, calendars and documents, and now phone calls of course - Googlewave is going to be another communication tool. And they’ve launched Googlemusic too now with other peoples’ content. The biggest change factor for the music business will be telecoms, because the telecoms are sick and tired of this whole issue of whether or not downloading is allowed, so they are going to push for this permission. And they have all the power.” Future Adventures in Music... | Clash Music Exclusive General via kwoutRelated articles by Zemanta Spotify now makes record labels money (telegraph.co.uk) Why Fabchannel.com died - and the reasons haven't changed! (mediafuturist.com) Hilarious Onion video: want to protect your privacy? Move to Google's opt-out village! (mediafuturist.com) Open letter to Lord Mandelson: here is how to solve the Internet Music Problem - Legalize It! (mediafuturist.com)

Gerd Leonhard

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