March 25, 2010

Some great pictures from my session at Roda Viva / TV Cultura in Brazil Together with my colleague and Swiss leadership guru Didier Marlier I have been doing some interesting work with one of the leading business schools in Brazil, Fundacao Dom Cabral (more on that soon!). The last time I was there I also managed to do a very special engagement for the very cool people at the NBS agency, see the details and PDF here. Via the NBS gig and via Twitter (of course), I was introduced to the people that program one of the most accomplished and popular talk-shows on Brazilian Public TV, called Roda Viva, on the TVCultura channel. The show involves sitting in the midst of a circle of 10-15 very smart people that quite literally 'grill' you on some pretty tough issues (in my case, as you may have guessed, the future of content, copyright, marketing, social media etc). The full video should be available via Roda Viva fairly soon; in the meantime I just discovered an entire set of some pretty good pictures that their really talented photographer (Duda Groisman took during the filming, embedded via the amazing Flickr widgets, below. Enjoy. And stay tuned. Related articles by Zemanta Shifting to the Open Network Economy: my presentation at the Fundacao Dom Cabral CEO event in Sao Paulo ( My MidemNet Academy Presentation: beyond the noise - how to use social media to market music ( Inspiring example: Making The Economist social (via Social Media today) (

Gerd Leonhard

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