March 01, 2010

1st Online Seminar "Thriving in Social Media": today at 1pm EST / 7pm CET (don't miss it) Alan Moore and me are very much looking forward to our 1st Online Seminar on "Thriving in Social Media and the connected web", today, March 1, at 1pm EST. We still have a few tickets available (nope, it's not entirely free;), just go here to register. If you feel that you absolutely must have a discount code, please do contact me. To avoid any confusion, 1pm EST means: 10 am in San Francisco 1pm in New York 6pm in London / GMT 7pm in Central Europe / CET 8pm in Greece / Israel etc 11.30 pm in India 1 am (next day) in Jakarta The event will take place on the new DimDim webinar platform which requires nothing but a good browser (e.g. Firefox;). The session will have Alan and myself on video, and audio, during the entire time, plus all participants can use the chat windows to ask questions throughout the entire session (approx. 90 minutes). We will be recording the whole thing (if the technology keeps its promises) and shall make the video available to all participants, afterward.We will be something between 30 to 50 people for this event which is a fantastic start. Hope to see you there. For more information click here: Online seminar with Gerd Leonhard & Alan Moore: thriving commercially in social media and the networked society Related articles by Zemanta Interactive webinar with Gerd Leonhard and Alan Moore ( Online seminar with Gerd Leonhard and Alan Moore ( Presentation: The Future of Communications and Social Media (NBS Sao Paulo) ( Announcing 1st Online Seminar with Alan Moore: thriving commercially in Social Media and the Networked Society (March 1) ( Mobile futures ( Joining 90:10 ( Mobile Trends 2020 (

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