December 06, 2011

New video: Social Local Mobile Video: the future of Apps (my BDigital Keynote) Here is a new video with my keynote at the BDigital Apps Conference, November 16, 2011, in Barcelona (my part starts at 02:04). You can download the PDF with my slides here. The topic: "SoLoMoVi": apps and the future of content, business and communication" Wireless broadband, mobile applications, smart mobile devices, social networks and over-the-top video are exploding and will dramatically change how we communicate, how we buy and sell, how we create and consume content, and how we do business or run our governments. Pre-mobile & social, the Internet was just in its infancy, now it's a rebellious teenager testing the limits and pushing relentlessly. Where will the mobile Internet - and apps in particular - take us, in the next 3-5 years, what opportunities will emerge, what will happen in sectors such as education, media, politics and culture, and what can we learn from how this is already unfolding in the developing countries? Related articles Gerd Leonhard: BDigital 2011: Apps and the Future of Content: Social, Local, Mobile, Video,Cloud! ( Personal Branding in the Digital Age: Futurist, Author and Keynote Speake Gerd Leonhard (audio podcast) ( "This iPhone/iPod app is probably the best way to follow his work as it delivers pretty much his..." ( stoweboyd: This is the video of the recent keynote I presented... (

Gerd Leonhard

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