February 02, 2012

Some good learnings here: How the Huffington Post became a new-media behemoth Gigaom has some good comments on this topic, see below. I personally believe that curation is content, as well, and that meta-content ie content about content will become extremely valuable going forward. What do you think? How the Huffington Post became a new-media behemoth "Traditional media critics attack the Huffington Post for its aggregation, but as Nieman fellow David Skok pointed out recently at the Nieman Lab blog, aggregation is deeply embedded in the DNA of the media industry, and always has been. And as we’ve tried to point out before at GigaOM, aggregation and particularly curation are two of the skills that modern media companies need the most — or readers overwhelmed by information will go elsewhere, whether to apps like Flipboard and Zite or to new services that give them the tools they need to filter that growing ocean of content..." (via Instapaper) Related articles Get Ready for Lots of Streaming Arianna With HuffPost Video Network (allthingsd.com) "Gerd Leonhard, author of The Future of Content and co-author of The Future of Music: "The..." (futureof.biz) Martes De Marcas: Interview The Future of Content, with Gerd... (thefuturesagency.com) "A new type of capitalist activist, the Charles Dickens of futurism, Gerd Leonhard is a green..." (greenfuturist.com) Gerd Leonhard: BDigital 2011: Apps and the Future of Content: Social, Local, Mobile, Video,Cloud! (slideshare.net) "Facebook has a bright future," as long as it can stay "human and open," contends Gerd Leonhard,..." (futureof.biz) New video: TeleMedia Futures presentation at Total Telecom 2011 (London) (mediafuturist.com) My new book is out: The Future of Content (Kindle only, $3.90) (futureof.biz)

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