February 16, 2012

The move to lateral power (Jeremy Rifkin) Jeremy Rifkin talks about this important observation in his new book "The Third Industrial Revolution" and in this New Statesmen piece excerpted below. The meme of 'lateral power' is a key topic in my new, upcoming book ("From Ego to Eco" - still very much in-progress) and is an important piece of t he puzzle, going forward. How can we truly change and address the issues that are crucial to our future success... or rather, survival:) ? One answer will certainly include the switch to more lateral and side-by-side power as has been exemplified with the Internet: peer to peer, decentral, networked, real-time. More on this very soon. Comments would be very much appreciated. "We take internet technology and transform the power grid of the world into an energy internet. So when millions of us are producing our own green energy on site, storing it in hydrogen, our energy internet will allow us to sell and share any extra. We become our own energy producers. We then collaborate and share that energy in the same way as we share information on social media spaces on the internet. Do you see this vision becoming a reality? Young people now favour lateral and side-by-side power. That’s the new politics, and it’s favourable to a third industrial revolution. [They] grew up empowered on the internet to create its own information and share it freely. They now need to create their own green energy that they share in vast continental spaces..." Related articles Jeremy Rifkin videos: the empathic civilization, and the third industrial revolution. Must watch! (thefuturesagency.com) Jeremy Rifkin videos: the empathic civilization, and the third industrial revolution. Must watch! (mediafuturist.com) "To appreciate how economically disruptive the TIR is, consider the changes over the past 20 years...." (greenfuturist.com) Q&A with Jeremy Rifkin (newstatesman.com) This...
What Does Technology Look Like in an Age of Abundance? | Peter Diamantis Some good thinking here, below. But still, I wonder if 'exponential growth' is really what we need, going forward, and this is precisely the kind of operating paradigm that worries me about the singularity movement. Any thoughts, anyone? What Does Technology Look Like in an Age of Abundance? | Endless Innovation | Big Think "In their new book Abundance (coming to a tablet near you on February 21), Peter Diamandis (Chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation and Chairman & Co-Founder of Singularity University) and co-author Steven Kotler offer a handful of reasons why the future is better than you think. One key reason is the Rising Billion – the world’s newest one billion, empowered by mobile technology, are about to come online for the first time ever. An average smart phone user in Sub-Saharan Africa now has more computing power than the U.S. President did 25 years ago. Another key reason is the appearance of the DIY Innovator, capable of transforming off-the-shelf technologies into an instrument for radical social change in areas that once were the exclusive domain of NGOs and governments. As Diamandis points out, the key to a future of Abundance is the ability of technology to generate exponential growth, rather than linear growth. Linear growth is what gives you something like Angry Birds for Facebook. Exponential growth is what gives you a radically new technology platform capable of changing the world. In a world now measured in terms of billions of potential consumers, iterating 30 times (2^30) with an exponential technology takes you to that magic one billion mark. As a proponent of the coming Singularity, Diamandis understands how exponential change in one field - such as computing - can lead to exponential change in fields ranging from energy to biotechnology to artificial intelligence" www.twitter.com/gleonhard...

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