March 22, 2012

Gizmodo's take on Google - serious stuff, food for thought and debate Some very powerful comments on where Google is headed, below. I'm pretty sure I don't agree with quite a few points made in this piece but it's certainly some very good food for thought so ... Take a look! The Case Against Google (via Gizmodo) Some of the best snippets (and my comments in brackets and italic) "It's not surprising that the tracking debate had people up in arms. A Pew Internet study, conducted just before Google combined its privacy policies (and after it rolled out personalized search results in Search Plus Your World) found that three quarters of people don't want their search results tracked, and two thirds don't even want them personalized based on prior history. The bottom line: People don't trust Google with their data. And that's new. (my comment: I think it is new that we don't trust ANYONE with our data - Google is just the main agent of 'big data') Google is a fundamentally different company than it has been in the past. Its culture and direction have changed radically in the past 18 months. It is trying to maneuver into position to operate in a post-pc, post-Web world, reacting to what it perceives as threats, and moving to where it thinks the puck will be. At some point in the recent past, the Mountain View brass realized that owning the Web is not enough to survive. It makes sense—people are increasingly using non Web-based avenues to access the Internet, and Google would be remiss to not make a play for that business. The problem is that in branching out, Google has also abandoned its core principles and values. (my comment: I really don't think that's true; but it may certainly have that flavor because, again, Google may have become too successful and too...

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